Changes in COSMOS Fantasy basic game rules from March 2007 to March 2013

This document describes the changes in the March 2013 edition of the COSMOS Fantasy basic game rules.

The differences from the previous edition are:

  1. The "embark" and "disembark" orders have changed order priorities.
    The embark order now has the same order priority as other hex-to-hex move orders. The disembark order is now in a new order priority category, after the other hex-to-hex move orders but before the strike spells. This is to ensure that ships cannot be used twice in the same phase (which could happen before, when a disembark happened to be executed before an embark in the same phase).
    Section 4.2.
  2. The "home" and "heir" orders no longer cost administration points.
    These two orders are only used by players in deep trouble, most likely low on administration points.
    Sections 5.2 and 5.5.
  3. Units with tactics "defend" only have their blocking size halved if in a hex position.
    The rule halving the blocking size of units with tactics defend is only relevant in hexes (where defend tactics mean the unit does not move during battles). In locations, where defend and attack tactics are equivalent in battles, units on defend are now fully effective at blocking units trying to enter from the outside.
    Section 11.7.1.
  4. Clarifications relating to unit tactics inside locations (and in sea battles).
    Tactics defend and attack have always been almost equivalent in battles for units inside locations (the only exception being when storming an inner location; here only units having tactics charge or attack will attack). It has now been made clear in the rules that units having tactics attack while inside a location will get to use missile attacks on units storming the location from outside.
    Units having tactics attack will also participate in the missiles-only round of combat in sea battles or battles where units are in the same location (i.e.\ battles where they need not move to attack the enemy).
    Sections 15.6.1 and 15.7.2.