This site is run by a single person who has a "real" job to take care of during the day (and a family who likes to see him every once in a while). I will try to answer email queries as quickly as possible but I generally only read the email in the evening and on weekends. I have tried to automate all aspects of the web site so you can pay for and play the games without my intervention, but of course you may still need to contact me.

Email sent to the addresses below all go to the same person but I like to keep separate email adresses for separate functions to allow me to easily spot the most urgent messages first.

  • <> - for problems with the web site itself.
  • <> - for customer service. Anything related to your credit card transactions or account in general.
  • <> - for problems with the games you play, e.g. if there is something in your turn report you beleive is a bug or something in the rules you do not understand.
  • <> - for general queries.

Physical address:
c/o Morten Larsen
Gammel Kongevej 150,
DK-1850 Frederiksberg C

CVR number: 13213445