The Stellar Conflict Frequently Asked Questions list

List of questions answered here:

Q: Why do we all have the same home system?
It only appears so. If you compare maps and setups with another player you will discover that it appears that your home systems are located in the same hex. This is in fact not the case. Each race uses its own coordinate system to identify galactic sectors (hexes) and each race places its home world at the center of the universe. So e.g. in a galaxy of size 28 columns by 28 rows, all races will use the hex number H1414 to refer to their home system, even though in fact all home systems are in different hexes.
If two players want to find out where they are really located relative to each other, they must find some common reference. When the two players encounter each other, they can of course use the hex of the encounter as a reference. Before an actual encounter they have only the pattern of star systems, black holes and dust clouds on their maps to go by - they may be able to identify an area where their maps overlap. At the start of the game your map will actually only overlap with maps of neighbouring races, so it is quite impossible for two players to find out what their relative locations are unless they start out as neighbours.
Q: Can a colony transport unload population to a colony and then be used again?
No, a colony transport or exodus ship can only unload population to a colony with the colonize order, after which it is dismantled. Only a stasis transport can load and unload population and thus be re-used.
Q: Will a colonizing colony transport add starport to an existing colony?
No, the colonize order only adds starport when a new colony is founded, not when the order is used to add population to an existing colony.
Q: How strong are the primitive colonies?
See this document.
Q: How large a fleet is needed against primitive colonies?
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