Documents you need to play "Stellar Conflict"

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PDF: Best all-round format. View and print from a PDF viewer or browser plugin. Versions with hypertext references use coloured text to mark links while versions for printing have all black text.
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COSMOS Stellar Conflict Rules, April 2006 version:
The rule book for Stellar Conflict. A list of changes since the last version can be found here.
FormatRaw filePacked, gzipPacked, zip
PDF for printing, 75 pages A4404 kB359 kB359 kB
PDF for printing, 79 pages US Letter408 kB361 kB361 kB
PDF with hypertext references, 75 pages A4607 kB400 kB401 kB
PDF with hypertext references, 79 pages US Letter610 kB403 kB403 kB
PostScript, 75 pages A41377 kB213 kB214 kB
PostScript, 79 pages US Letter1378 kB213 kB214 kB
HTML(*)360 kB(*)91 kB163 kB
Plain text(*)269 kB(*)78 kB150 kB
(*):With this download you also need four GIF images: steimg1.gif (14 kB), steimg2.gif (5 kB), steimg3.gif (9 kB), steimg4.gif (41 kB).