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For a simple search just enter a single search word or a few words separated by spaces.

The default match mode is to Match all words. This means that if more than one search word is entered the search engine will only find documents which contains them all. You can change the match to Match at least one word in order to find all documents which contain any of the words you enter.

If you set the match mode to Match boolean expression you must write one of the special key words and, or or not between search words. You can also group sub-expressions by using brackets, e.g. "monster and (unit or force)".

A search word may end with an asterisk ("*") which is a wildcard character to match any ending of the word (e.g. "col*" will match both "colour" and "column").

By default a search word (without a wildcard) will match only words spelled exactly the same way (but possibly with a different ending, e.g. "multiply" will match "multiplied" or "multiplier"). So "color" will not match "colour". There are two ways to extend the range of words each search word will match: synonyms and fuzzy match. Either of these two options will actually match "color" to "colour", but the fuzzy match will also match "color" to "clear"! For extreme fuzzyness you can turn on both synonyms and fuzzy matching at the same time.