The "shop" help page (frequently asked questions)

How do I use the shop?

An item in the shop represents either a set-up in a game plus a number of turns or just a number of supplemental turns. As some overhead is involved in each transaction you can only buy packages of several turns representing a minimum amount.

To purchase an item simply click on the "buy" button for that item. You will then be taken through the steps needed to complete the order. If you have not already signed in, you must do so before completing the order. If you have not been registered as a user at before, you must register before completing the order.

You can only purchase one item from the shop in the same order. This is because it is not possible to split your PayPal transaction and your account will be charged at the time you use what you paid for, not at the time of purchase (see below).

When you have purchased an item it is converted to a "token" worth the services you paid for. To actually sign up for a game and assign the token to pay for playing in a specific game you must go to the game sign-up page. On the sign-up page you can always see which tokens you have paid for but not yet used.

How can I pay?

You can pay using PayPal (direct credit card payment to is no longer available). Prices in the shop are in DKK (Danish Kroner) and your account will be charged in DKK. Exchange rates can be found on the main shop page and it is possible to get prices translated. The site and games are run by a registered business in Denmark and hence all prices include the Danish sales tax of 25%. There are unfortunately no execptions, not even for people living outside the European Union.

Is it safe to use PayPal?

When paying with PayPal you will be transferred to PayPal to securely identify yourself and authorize your order. PayPal does not share your financial information with

When will my account be charged?

The principle is that your PayPal account will be charged when you first get what you paid for.
A transaction which paid for a setup and some turns will be charged when the game starts and everybody receive their setups (so while you are waiting for a game to fill up you have actually not paid yet).
A transaction which paid for some supplemental turns will be charged when the first turn it pays for is opened for order entry (i.e. when the previous turn has been processed).

What about unused turns?

If you are knocked out of a game before you have used all the turns you have paid for, your remaining turns will be converted to unused game credit. The unused game credit is computed simply as the number of unused turns multiplied by the amount you paid for each turn, found by dividing the amount you paid for the game token by the total number of turns the token entitles you to. For this purpose, a set-up counts as a turn.

The house rules for each game specifies when a player is considered knocked out.

How do I use my unused game credit?

If you have any unused game credit you will be given the option to use it whenever you order something from the shop. Simply select the the "yes" option when asked to have your unused game credit deducted from the amount to be paid (if you have sufficient unused game credit to pay for the order in full you will not have to use PayPal).

Why can't I just get a refund for unused turns?

If you are knocked out of a game before you use all the turns you have paid for, it would perhaps be natural to expect a refund of the unused credit rather than have to transfer it to another game with the "unused game credit" system outlined above. The credit card payment solution originally used on the site did not allow me to make "return transactions" and therefore the "unused game credit" system was born. PayPal does allow a way for me to transfer money, though for small amounts the fees involved mean very little money will make it to the recipient. In the event that you accumulate a significant amount (more than 100 DKK) in unused game credit and you do not wish to use it, I will send you the money via PayPal (minus the PayPal fees).

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