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Buying set-ups at the "shop"

Here is where you can pay to play games at . When you have bought a set-up from here you should go to the game sign-up page to actually sign up for a game.

Note that your credit card or PayPal account is not actually charged until the game starts. You will not be out of pocket while waiting for a game to fill.

All amounts are in DKK (Danish Kroner) and include 25% Danish sales tax.
You can view amounts converted to one of the following currencies: GBP (~ 8.6279 DKK per 2022-12-07), EUR (~ 7.4379 DKK per 2022-12-07), USD (~ 7.1071 DKK per 2022-12-07), or DKK.

Products and prices
Stellar Conflict
A full game (set-up and 12-14 turns)150 DKK
Throne of Cofain
Set-up and 6 turns90 DKK
6 supplementary turns90 DKK 
Set-up and 12 turns150 DKK
12 supplementary turns150 DKK 
War of the Dark God
Set-up and 3 turns90 DKK
3 supplementary turns90 DKK 
Set-up and 4 turns115 DKK
4 supplementary turns115 DKK 
Set-up and 6 turns165 DKK
6 supplementary turns165 DKK 
Set-up and 8 turns200 DKK
8 supplementary turns200 DKK 
Set-up and 12 turns270 DKK
12 supplementary turns270 DKK 
A full game (set-up and 24 turns)500 DKK

NOTE: If you have never before played a fantasy game at and you play 12 turns of Throne of Cofain you will get a 15% discount on you first purchase of a set-up for War of the Dark God, including the turns you buy together with the set-up. This offer is meant to encourage new players to learn the game system in the introductory scenario Throne of Cofain before signing up for a more complex game.