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Stellar Conflict

Your race has just invented the stardrive and is now ready to launch itself into an interstellar colonization effort. Will you be the wisest leader in the galaxy? Can you guide your race through interstellar expansion in competion with other races just as advanced as your own? Will you emerge as the dominant power in the galaxy in the end?

Stellar Conflict is a game of interstellar exploration, colonization and warfare. Develop your colonies to increase industrial output. Develop technologies that give you the needed extra edge, such as the Space Elevator, Cloning, Matter Transmission and the Robotic Army. Launch warfleets to protect your colonization effort or conquer alien planets. The race with the best planets and the most population in the end will rule the galaxy!

In Stellar Conflict your first choice is what kind of race yout want to play. Should you choose an industrialist to maximize your production or a traveller to start with faster ships? A researcher to quickly advance your technological capabilities or a survivor to thrive even in hostile environments? Or should you choose to be a megaworlder, a warlord, an administrator, a slaver or a diplomat? Or even a xenophobe, bent on destruction of all other races in the galaxy? Should you choose a combination of two race types or specialize? Your choice will determine your opportunities throughout the game and will depend on which strategy you wish to follow.

Team games

Stellar Conflict can be played in a team game variant where four-player teams compete against each other (see section 21 in the rulebook for the rules). Players who enter the same "team code" with their sign-ups will always be put in the same team. You need not gather a full team (or even any team) to sign up for a team game. If you do not enter a "team code" when you sign up it is assumed you a willing to play on any team and you will be assigned to a team by the game moderator. So if you are two players who want to be on the same team you do not need to find two more to be your team mates; just enter the same team code and you will form the basis of a team where the last two members will be other players who signed up without a (full) team.

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If you would like to play "Stellar Conflict" you should register yourself as a user, sign in to the site, buy a set-up from the shop and finally sign up for a game.


  • You can find the rule book at the document download page. If you played in a play-test game you can get an overview of the changes here.
  • There is a bomb/enslave attack simulator which allows you to experiment with using varying fleet compositions in attacks against colonies.
  • There is a page with more resources, including an example setup and an example turn report (both with maps) and tables of primitive colony sizes.