Stellar Conflict - house rules

The house rules do not change the rules of the game itself; these can be found in the rulebook. The purpose of the house rules is to clarify how you can be knocked out of a game and what happens then.

The rules for when a player is out of the game are actually specified in the rulebook, section 7: You will be out of the game if you ever lose your entire population or you have population only in stasis transports or gas giant mining colonies and no regular colonies to unload them to. In practice this means you are out when you have lost all your colonies, except if you have some colony transports or exodus ships which can found new ones. In rare cases you may actually have one or more colonies and still be out of the game; if all your colonies are empty and you do not have any population anywhere.

Note that if you play a Xenohpobe race and have scored a lot of points destroying the population of other races you may actually victory point wise be in a winning position even though all your own population has also been destroyed. In this case you are still knocked out of the game when you lose your last colony or population: Even though your score may be the highest you cannot win the game if your race has been totally destroyed.

It is quite possible to have a large warfleet when one is knocked out. However, since you cannot give it orders you will not be able to continue in the game even to have the warfleet avenge your destruction (however, any orders you gave your ships before being knocked out will be executed).

When you are knocked out you will get your remaining credit converted to unused game credit. (see the shop FAQ for more on this).