The help pages

List of available help pages:
The site frequently asked questions list
May answer your questions about the site.
Signing up for games at
Describes how to purchase a set-up and sign up for a game.
The "shop" frequently asked questions
Answers questions on how to use the shop, credit card transactions and what happens if you are knocked out of a game.
The War of the Dark God / Throne of Cofain frequently asked questions
Answers questions specific to these games.
Preferences help page
Describes the preferences you can set as part of your user profile.
About the various file formats
Explains the file formats which documents, turn reports and maps are available in.
Entering your orders
Describes how to use the web interface to enter your game orders, including how to use the on-line order syntax query mechanism.
Describes how to get a forecast of the results of the coming turns in order to catch errors in your orders.
Diplomatic messages and broadcasts in turn reports
Describes how to enter text messages to be sent to other players as part of the turn report (in the NOTES & MESSAGES section).
COSMOS order syntax reference sheets
Syntax reference for all available orders in the various COSMOS games.
Map symbols not documented in the rules
Explains some map symbols which are not described in the rule books because they are optional and depend on your map preferences.

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