The site Frequently Asked Questions list

NOTE: There is a separate FAQ for the shop which answers questions on payment et cetera. There is also a game-specific FAQ for War of the Dark God / Throne of Cofain. A list of the various help pages can be reached from the site menu.

List of questions answered here:

Q: What does "GMT" mean?
The server keeps time in GMT which stands for Greenwich Mean Time, the solar time at the Greenwich mean (which is the same as the time in England unless daylight savings time is in effect). GMT is the same as UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).

All order deadlines et cetera are shown in GMT. The pages showing deadlines also show at which time they were generated by the server, so when you load such a page you can see which time the server thinks it is.

Q: How do I send in-game broadcast messages?
See the page on how to enter messages to be sent to other players as part of their turn reports.
Q: How do I enable information sharing?
In games that support sharing map information and event reports and/or sharing orders for forecasting, a link taking you to the page where you set up sharing can be found near the bottom of the "info" page for the game:
Select "Your games" from the user menu to the left, select "[info]" for the game you wish to edit sharing permissions for and click the link near the bottom of the game information page (you may have to scroll down to see it).

The information sharing set-up page can also be reached from the pages where you order shared information reports and maps or forecast reports.