War of the Dark God
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War of the Dark God

"War of the Dark God" is a strategic fantasy wargame in which 16 nations in two teams battle for control of seven vital power spots which will either be instrumental in allowing the minions of the great Dark God to call their master into the world or conversely allow the followers of the Old Gods to deny the Dark God entry.

The game is played over 24 turns unless one side can manage a run-away victory. The two teams of 8 nations are fixed from the start and teammates must work together to further the overall goal of their side. Even though an individual winner will be found in the end, the success of the team is more important than just building your own position.

Get the detailed scenario description from the document download page.

If you have never played War of the Dark God or other COSMOS Fantasy games before you should consider playing a game of Throne of Cofain first to learn the game system. If you have not played a fantasy game at pbem.dk before and play 12 turns of Throne of Cofain you will get a 15% discount on your first purchase of a War of the Dark God set-up.

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