Throne of Cofain
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Throne of Cofain

Four nations struggle for control of the island of Cofain in this fantasy wargame. Do you have what it takes to build your nation's strength, tame the wilderness, crush your rivals and ultimately put yourself on the Throne of Cofain?

Get the detailed scenario description from the document download page.

About the game

"Throne of Cofain" is a fantasy wargame scenario intended to be a player's first introduction to the COSMOS Fantasy play-by-email game system. The small number of players needed also makes the game ideal for a group of friends who wish to challenge each other!

While the four nations are different enough to require slightly different playing styles they are also typical enough that no matter which one you play you will get a good all-round introduction to the game system.

Learn the game system used for "War of the Dark God"

The rules used for playing "Throne of Cofain" are the same as used for playing (the basic game version) of "War of the Dark God" and thus you can first learn the system in your own pace in the introductory scenario before you are thrown into the intense team game experience of "War of the Dark God".

To encourage new players to learn the game system with "Throne of Cofain" the following special offer applies if you have never played a fantasy game at before:
Play 12 turns of "Throne of Cofain" and get a 15% discount on your first purchase of a set-up for "War of the Dark God" (the discount also applies to the turns you buy with the set-up).

For an introduction to the game system you will usually play a 12 turn game. If you prefer to have a little room for expansion before meeting a determined opponent you can play against only one other player and in this case you should probably play an 18 turn game or 24 turn game to have enough time to really engage your main enemy. Or you can play the game solo if you would just like to learn the game system without interference from other players - there is still plenty of challenge in conquering non-player nations and ultimately trying to take the Castle Cofain and its throne.

Play a challenge game

Throne of Cofain can be be set up in many different ways to allow two or four players to play a grudge game against each other. Play 12, 18 or 24 turns. Have the Castle Cofain appear early or late. Play north versus south either the Knights against the Warlord or the Elves against the Gnomes. Or maybe you can come up with your own variant? Just send a note to and I will try to accomodate you.

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